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Warranty conditions - Caffé Caps Webshop

OFFICIAL HUNGARIAN WARRANTY for the purchased product!
We distribute our products in accordance with the warranty rules in force in Hungary!

Therefore, the Hungarian importers of the manufacturers provide you with the guarantee for the products we sell. So you can enjoy the security of the service background and product support. Only this kind of guarantee ensures that, if necessary, your device will be professionally repaired in the shortest possible time or we can replace it again if the specialist service decides to do so!

According to the relevant legislation, a minimum 12-month warranty is mandatory for all new products we sell. Warranty periods longer than this are indicated separately for the affected products! The warranty period begins on the date of the invoice and warranty card.
In accordance with consumer protection regulations, the manufacturer is obliged to replace the defective product in the event of a product failure detected within 72 hours.
A warranty claim can be asserted by presenting the documents listed below together:

- The complete factory packaging of the product with all factory accessories
- A copy of the receipt or invoice In case of
partial or complete absence of these, we cannot accept the warranty claim! 

Devices brought to our company with a warranty problem will be forwarded to our relevant supplier who provides our company with a warranty background, who will arrange for their repair as soon as possible in compliance with the relevant legislation. The turnaround time for warranty repairs and inspections is typically 1 week, but service centers reserve the right to extend this period in justified cases.

The 72-hour replacement only applies to products that have malfunctioned during intended use. In order to avoid the replacement of malfunctions resulting from improper use (e.g. broken as a result of a fall, wet, stepped on, etc.), manufacturers and distributors only undertake the 72-hour replacement based on the official service expert opinion. Accordingly, the following actions should be taken in the event of a product failure within 72 hours:

The detected failure must be reported to the telephone number of the distributor (seller), manufacturer/importer, or to the central specialist service (more information on the telephone number is in the warranty letter attached to the product). If, based on the service's investigation, the report is justified, the manufacturer undertakes to replace the product immediately.

If it is clear that the failure occurred within 72 hours as a result of intended use, we will of course provide an immediate replacement.

If the intended use is not clear, then our online store will only undertake to replace the defective product within 72 hours after knowing the expert opinion of the official specialist service.

In the event of a product failure, you must proceed in accordance with the information in the packaging or the warranty card provided to you together with the invoice.
Our online store will not accept packages sent by post, they will be returned to the sender in any case!

In all cases, the cost of return under warranty is borne by the buyer. Of course, if it turns out after the return that it is a material defect or a problem covered by the warranty conditions, the online store will refund the shipping cost afterwards.

We cannot reimburse the cost of delivery in the case of defects repaired by a third party or due to improper handling or adjustment, and problems not covered by the warranty conditions.

If the warranty or guarantee period has not been indicated for a product, inquire about its warranty or guarantee period at the customer service ( +36 30 924 8126 )!