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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  1. How can I buy a selection of coffees and other products from the website?

    All selections and products offered by can be purchased online atfollowing the procedure on the page , which will accompany you step by step until the completion of the order, payment and submission to our sales department.
  2. Do the prices on your website already include VAT?

    Yes, our prices always include VAT.
  3. What payment methods are recommended and considered safe for purchasing products on the website?

    The recommended payment method is payment by bank card or prepaid card, but it is also possible by bank transfer. All the financial information requested for the transaction is sent using an encrypted protocol to our partner banks, which provide electronic payment services remotely, without third-party access.
  4. I have a promo code How can I use it?

    With the promotional code received together with the newsletter, you can use a discount on the amount of the order during the payment step. To apply the discount associated with the code at the checkout, paste it in the specified place.
  5. I am usually not at home during working hours, can I receive your products directly at my workplace?

    Of course, it is always possible to indicate a delivery address on the order (office, neighbors, friends, etc.) that may differ from the invoice address (e.g. home address).
  6. We would like to make business gifts, would it be possible to order your coffee selection and products in honor of our colleagues? Can you ship them directly to our customers?

    We are happy to take care of your customer's gifts in all circumstances, not only at Christmas, but all year round, even if you want to make your meetings special. Our products can also be stylish and tasty gifts after business meetings or company visits.
    We can ship all products directly to your customers' or employees' addresses, or if you prefer, ship directly to your company. Just give us a call and we'll be happy to help you improve your relationship.
  7. What should I do if I receive a damaged package?

    If you receive visibly damaged parcels with the courier, please refuse them to the sender and we will arrange for them to be returned and re-shipped.

    If the shipment contains more than one package, but not all of them are damaged, in this case, please reject only the damaged shipment with the inscription "goods not checked" on the forwarder's invoice. In this case too, will collect the return and replacement of the damaged package.

    All shipping costs related to a damaged package are the responsibility of .
  8. Do you only respond by email or by phone?

    The customer service of is always available, and we are always happy to contact our customers and partners by phone. You can contact us without obligation at +36 (30) 924 8126.



  1. What is Lungo?
    "Lungo" is an Italian version of espresso in which regular espresso is extracted with twice the amount of water. All capsule coffees can also be prepared as Lungo. On most machines , you can program how much water you want to use for the preparation. The classic lungo is made with about 110 ml of water. But there are various espresso and lungo capsules.
  2. What is Ristoretto?
    A ristretto  is a "shortened" version of an espresso. It is made with the same amount of coffee grounds, but with only about half the water. A ristretto is even tastier and stronger than an espresso. However, thanks to the short contact time, less bitter substances are released, so a ristretto is very digestible and gentle on the stomach.
  3. Why do you need to preheat the coffee cup for espresso?
    Espresso is traditionally served in a small, preheated thick porcelain cup. In a preheated cup, the espresso does not cool down as quickly and the crema stays better. To preheat a cup, turn on the machine and wait for it to heat up. Pour hot water (without capsules!) into the cup. Wait a minute, pour the water from the cup and prepare the espresso .
  4. How do I recognize a good cream?
    Cream is the head of foam that forms on properly prepared espresso. Sprinkle sugar over freshly brewed espresso. This should only sink in gradually - otherwise there will be too little cream or the texture will not work. You can also use biscotti for the test .
  5. What makes milk foam good?
    Like many things in life, whipped cream is a matter of personal taste. The following basically applies here: the higher fat content of milk ensures greater stability and leads to a creamier result. The fat content of the milk used is at least 1.5%. Only cold milk can be frothed! Repeated frothing of warm milk does not work. If the milk becomes too hot during frothing, the proteins in the milk may coagulate. Therefore, the maximum temperature of around 60°C should not be exceeded .
  6. How does espresso affect water quality? When making a good espresso, the quality of the water plays a decisive role. The water must be fresh and not stagnant, with a hardness between 7 and 8°dH. It should also have a neutral pH. Tap water is the best for making espresso. If possible , do not use mineral water, because it does not have enough oxygen. This prevents the proper development of the acids and thus the aromas of the coffee. Another important factor affecting the quality of espresso is the lime content of the water. We therefore recommend that you descale the coffee machine at regular intervals .
  7. How much water do you need for espresso and lungo coffees? To prepare an espresso, we prepare approximately 5-10 g of coffee powder with 25-40 ml of water. We make a lung from the same amount of coffee with 110 ml of water. 15-25 ml of water should be used for the ristretto.