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What is organic coffee?

 What is organic coffee? The term "organic" is legally defined throughout the EU.

EU standard

Products with the "organic" label must comply with EU regulations on organic farming. In order to carry the EU organic label, all the ingredients of the product must come from organic farming. In exceptional cases, up to 5% non-organic ingredients are used, if they are available in non-organic quality.

The top priority of organic farming is sustainability: Production must be managed responsibly and in harmony with nature - natural resources are conserved and thus preserved for future generations. Organic farming therefore largely avoids the use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers. This prevents toxins from entering the soil and groundwater. The use of genetically modified plants is also prohibited. In addition, no artificial preservatives, flavor enhancers, flavors or colors may be added to the products before they are sold. Organic control bodies check whether farmers really comply with the requirements of the organic seal.

In our offer you will find a fine selection of organic coffees, which you can enjoy with a clear conscience: coffee from organic cultivation not only protects the environment, but also tastes especially good!

Why organic?

Organic farming tries to harmonize agriculture and nature. Special cultivation methods such as organic farming or permaculture are meant to bring plant cultivation closer to nature's growth patterns and thus put less of a burden on the natural cycle. In organic farming, no toxins enter the soil or groundwater, as no artificial fertilizers are used. Fertilizers often contain nitrogen and lead to greenhouse gas emissions.  In organic farming, these are kept to the lowest possible level and promote the formation of humus. Therefore, the soil is better able to bind carbon dioxide, which alleviates the climate.Without chemical additives, not only the climate and the environment are protected, but also the natural taste of the coffee is preserved. Enjoy natural coffee with a clear conscience and try the our organic coffees.