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About us

About us

We won't make it with less than 100%.

With the CaffeCaps Bonini & Unicaps products, we offer high-quality coffee capsules in industrially compostable capsules for the Nespresso®³ machine. In addition, Unicaps capsules are aluminum and traditional plastic-free and CO₂-neutral.

At the heart of our commitment is the desire to combine modern tastes with sustainable, responsible action. We want to convince as many people as possible around the world to choose high-quality, environmentally friendly organic products as part of our company's efforts to improve their health, happiness and well-being. That's why we devote all our efforts and resources to bring to market products that are constantly evolving, that are less harmful to the environment and have a greater social impact.

Everything we do through CaffeCaps is designed to make life better every day. The taste of our products is at the heart of our concept, which extends all the way to the source, to tea and coffee growers in South America, Africa and Asia, to provide products that you can manage in an environmentally friendly way after use. 

We are modern fans of modern flavors. We enjoy healthy eating. We are also big fans of flavors, nature and comfort. So it's in all our products. Excellent coffees in traditional and organic versions. in compostable capsules, with carbon-neutral production, packaging and delivery.