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Brands and products

Brands and products

Caffè Bonini – The brand

Caffè Bonini started as a small family-run Tuscan coffee roaster that turned coffee into art. Our products are among the favorites of Italian and foreign consumers, not only because of the price-value ratio, but also because of the highest quality standards. Over the years, we have managed to establish relationships based on trust with our customers, so that they continue to choose Caffè Bonini every day for their moments of joy.


Why should you choose Bonini?

Our reliability depends on the loyalty of our customers and our presence in more than 400 supermarkets. The reliability of our company and our services make us one of the best companies selling compatible capsules on the coffee market. Caffè Bonini offers competitive prices for both product and delivery without compromising quality. Fluidity and reliability in delivery and delivery, in Italy and worldwide. Our primary task is customer satisfaction, and you can be sure that you will receive all the help you may need during cooperation with our company.


New, sealed, compostable capsules

The cycle is complete, from the ground to the ground! The novelty of the year is the new Nespresso® compatible capsule, which is completely closed and biodegradable. Our end customers have requested that they be added to organic waste thanks to the special compostable polymer, and they usually decompose within 3 months.
The size of the packaging is the same as the size of other Nespresso compatible capsules, and thanks to the sealed barrier, the aroma of our coffee remains unchanged.
We have developed 3 blends: Espresso Bio 100% organic Arabica medium roast, with the strong aroma of Cremoso and Prezioso, 100% selected Arabica beans.


We owe the quality of our coffee to our carefully selected coffee beans, both Arabica and Robusta. The first is sweet and fragrant, the second is stronger and essential for the characteristic froth of true Italian espresso.
After roasting, our coffee experts perform the most important and artistic step in the production of our coffee: blending.




After water, tea and coffee are the most consumed beverages worldwide. Coffee is a daily companion of people living in different countries, societies, cultures and religions around the world. The millennial fascination with aromatic tea is more modern today than ever. With capsules from the German brand UniCaps, we offer our customers an excellent coffee experience - consistently high quality and in seconds, simply by pressing the button of the capsule machine.

"Joy is what we seek in everything."
– Seneca –

Our capsules, capsule machine and a few seconds - that's all our customers need for a contemporary tea ceremony or coffee break.
For the modern lifestyle, we combine high-quality organic enjoyment with high standards of sustainability and environmental friendliness. That's why we use a climate-neutral
, industrially compostable aluminum-free capsule.

We believe that sustainable coffee cultivation has only benefits: for the environment, the climate, the people living in the growing area and the end users of our sales area.
Our capsules therefore contain only organic coffee, tea, herbs and fruits and have only natural aromas.





  • Gimoka


What is gourmet?

Gourmesso was launched to create an alternative to Nespresso capsules. The range initially consisted of five types of espresso, to which two types of lungo were added.

Today, Gourmesso sells more than 25 different varieties. With the Largest Fairtrade product range, Gourmesso offers the enjoyment of the highest quality coffee at a fair price.

Not only are they the online market leader in Nespresso-compatible coffee capsules, they also have the largest fair trade range of coffee capsules on the market, as well as a selection of organic coffees. The coffee beans of the Gourmesso varieties are obtained exclusively from Fairtrade certified farms. They are harvested, rinsed, roasted and sold under fair conditions.


  • Gourmesso


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